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Friends with Benefits - Quick Education


Need a little loving? That’s what friends are for. You Will Need Partner Desire for casual sex Lack of emotion Ground rules Self-knowledge Protection Step 1: Pick a partner Choose a partner who shares your desire for sex that’s completely devoid of emotion. Consider an acquaintance who isn’t part of your...

It's Been Long Enough...Game On!


After a rough break-up or divorce, it’s not easy to get back in the game, so you may need some help. You Will Need * The ability to handle rejection * Memberships in various clubs * Free time * An online dating service (optional) Step 1: Determine that you're ready Figure out if you’re ready to date again. If you ca...

Legal Before Love


Since a prenuptial agreement makes you talk about the tough stuff – like who gets what and when – it can really benefit brides- and grooms-to-be. You Will Need * Patience * Two lawyers * Money * Notary public * Mediator (optional) (optional) Step 1: Know why you're doing it Discuss your motives for a prenup wit...

30 Paraphilias and Their Definitions


GetOnTheCouch reviews these 30 essential paraphilias. Just think about how much more fun sex ed would have been if we had lessons like this. My “sexual education” consisted of the gym teacher showing us a video from the ’70s where a girl gets her period, which kick-starts her life as a sexually capable woman. How enlightening it was to discov...

K-Y Commercial Features Lesbians


I do a lot of grumping and grousing here at GetOnTheCouch. But when companies do something awesome, I like to give credit where credit is due. K-Y jelly has some new commercials going on the air in September for it’s K-Y Intense lube and one of them features a lesbian couple. (They’re actors.) The two women are shown in their bedroom talking ab...

How Many Times Per Week?


How many times per week should an average couple have sex? Once? Thirty-Five times? We put the question to unsuspecting New York pedestrians!

GOP Debate Asks Michele Bachmann About “Submission” To Husband


The GOP held a recent debate for wannabe presidential nominees and Rep. Michele Bachmann was asked about statements she has made in the past that a husband should be the head of the household and a wife should be “submissve” to him. As the moderator asked, “As president, would you submissive to your husband?” the audience booed like mad. In...

Dodging the Most Common Relationship Pitfalls


Avoid hurting your mate — or yourself — by considering the ways relationships can falter. You Will Need Stability Communication Personal space Restraint Step 1: Seek stability Surround yourself with good, stable friends. Keeping up and socializing with old buddies can help you maintain the critical connection to goo...
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