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Top 5: Ways to Rekindle the Relationship
Published: Sunday, February 19, 2012
Top 5: Ways to Rekindle the Relationship
Thing gets stale: bread, potato chips, relationships . . .
Thing gets flat: beer, soda, relationships . . .

Unlike the other things, however, relationships can be freshened. Relationships can be renewed. The fire of romance enjoyed by a couple in the beginning of a courtship can be rekindled.

The rekindling of love can happen in many ways, but below are some tried and true methods to respark a commitment.

Re-enact the Past
Where did you two fall in love? What were you both doing? What were you both like? Try to rekindle a romance by revisiting those things. Take her to the restaurant where you had your first date. Wear that sexy perfume you had on when you first caught his eye. Listen to the songs that were hits when your courtship started. Humans are like Pavlov's dogs when it comes to the connection of stimuli with emotional and cognitive reaction. Find a prevalent part of the beginning of the relationship and do it one more time. The emotions that were born with them may be reborn, as well.

Act Like You Just Met Each Other
Along with rekindling aspects of your past, you can also rekindle the strange and wonderful feeling of love at first site (or at least the excitement of realizing your love for someone for the first time).

Act like everything about your partner is new. Compliment a blouse you've seen on her several times. Tell him he is absolute great at something you've both learn to take for granted. Ask about her interests, although you can already recite all of them. Ask him, with undivided interest, about his occupation, even though you've visited him at work almost 100 times. No matter how weird it feels, do it. Again, the Pavlovian reaction to acting new may actually create a freshness that is both exciting and comforting.

Look and Feel Good
If you look good, you will feel good. If you feel good, you will exude positivity. If you exude positivity, you will be very attractive to the opposite sex. Exercise, eat well, get lots of sleep and watch your love life awake from its coma. Just beware of the others trying to to steal you from your significant other.

Get Help
Yes, get help from a professional who deals in relationship counseling. I believe that ALL couples can benefit from this, despite the condition of their relationship. This person is trained and ready to assist you in whatever is blocking your love from staying fresh. Some people think that seeing a counselor is like giving up or admitting that you are in a bad relationship. That is crap. Seeing a counselor is admitting that you care about your relationship and want to have as much fun with your partner as you possibly can. You're already reading this list of advice, so it's not like you're against outside help. Take it a step further and see what happens.

Notice I didn't say "Say I love you," or anything like that. The word "express" gives you more options. Hug, touch, make love, give a gift, blow a kiss AND say I love you. If you express love in many ways, from every pore and through every fiber of your being, it will be much harder for your partner to miss. Let it be the first thing you think about in the morning and the last thing when you go to bed.

These five tips are by no means a complete list. However, these five things will give you a jump start in a VERY right direction. Try it, and watch the romance come back strong.

What do you do to rekindle your relationship?
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by Rose Lancashire
I am a systems analyst by profession, but I have always been interested in and very attentive to issues of love and romance. Like many, I come from a "broken" home and can see how this emotion/idea/ideology called "love" can be a blessing and a curse. My goal is to explore love in a way that can benefit myself and others.
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